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Is a Smart Robot vacuum cleaner worth it?

August 10, 2021

We all wish there was a fairy that could come and do our housework while we sleep or while we are working and we see robot vacuum cleaners advertised even […]


Are powerbanks allowed on planes?

July 14, 2021

Are power banks allowed on planes? Here we have a look at how power banks work and if we are allowed to carry on planes, either in checked in luggage […]


Smart wall sockets: what are they and are they worth it?

June 5, 2021

In this blog we explain what smart wall sockets are and find out if they are worth the investment. Most of us have wi-fi in the house, if no other […]


Smart Wireless chargers are good and safe!

May 18, 2021

Smart wireless chargers are good and safe! We love the idea of being able to just set our smartphone or tablet on a wireless charger. It eliminates the hassle of […]


What features are found in the best LED work lights?

April 29, 2021

Proper lighting is essential in our everyday life. We thought it would be an interesting exercise to have a look at what features are found in the best LED work […]


The best desk lamp for your home-office

April 8, 2021

In this  blog, we have a look for the best desk lamp for your home-office or study area. Since the beginning of the pandemic, working and studying from home has […]


How do smart video doorbells work?

March 6, 2021

What are smart video doorbells? Smart video doorbells are also referred to as doorbell cameras. They alert the homeowner when a visitor arrives at the door. The items do so […]


Can UV Lights really Kill Coronavirus?

February 18, 2021

This is not a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Without getting too technical, UV radiation falls into three categories depending on its wavelength: UVA, […]


Reasons why Smart Robot Vacuums are worth it!

January 30, 2021

Since Smart robot vacuums and floor cleaners were introduced to the market at the beginning of this century, they have become more and more popular with millions of units being […]


How do you join LED strip lights? Are they easy to install?

January 12, 2021

LED strip lighting is popular among many Architects and Lighting Designers as they are energy efficient and offer a great range of colour options and brightness. The biggest advantage is […]